Gary McNeill Concepts Entity Review


What the Gary McNeill Concepts website says about the Entity:

‘Formerly the Alien, this model was created in 2006 /2007 as a collaboration between myself and David Rastovich.

Proven to be the most popular I have made as it’s such a versatile all-rounder. If you only have one board this is it.

Works well in any size or fin configuration. Also, works as a step-up board.’

Image Source: Boardcave

Image Source: Gary McNeill Concepts

Image Source: Compare Surfboards

2 - 6 ftIdeal Wave Height

What people are saying about it:

“The Gary McNeill Entity is great for surfing in a range of conditions and can be your next all rounder modern fish performance board. The Entity is a great traveler that can handle a bunch of conditions and maximize your performance. Surf in a range of tail shapes.” – Boardcave

“Many shapers have a ‘quiver killer’ – a board that can be ridden in all conditions successfully with few tradeoffs. Gary McNeill Surfboards Entity is the ultimate all-rounder under the guise of a modern performance fish and one of the few boards that truly rips in most conditions.

The Entity cruises along flat, stomach high sections, eats clean waves and handles steep, hollow overhead barrels with ease. No matter the type of wave, you’ll definitely enjoy surfing the Entity.” – Compare Surfboards

“I ride this in a quad setup. It’s fast, stable, drives down the line really well, but still turns tight. Bit of extra foam under the chest and a more forward wide point allow for early entry into waves. It’s a great fun board, that is perfect as a daily board, but will also work in more solid waves up to around double overhead.” – Stephen on Boardcave

“So far, so good. Took it out in 4-6 swamis and had a blast !! Loves barrels it seems too…never a bad thing!!” – Torrey B. on YouTube

“My first surf on the Entity was Double OH+ on an outside bank beach break, this board caught waves easily, handled the drops, and carried speed off the bottom, both forehand and back hand like no other board I have had. It has then proceeded to do this in 2-3ft slop and clean 4ft waves, it is so good in fact that I wonder why I also purchase a Rasta Torus Twin, which I also think is amazing, but in almost any surf as lovely as I find that board this one has a combination of fishy feeling looseness and speed in a straight line and on rail control like I have never felt. This is probably the best board I have ever ridden, makes me feel like I know what I am doing on almost every wave!!!” – Drew on Boardcave

Available Size:
Up to 6′-8′

Here is a video of the Gary McNeill Concepts Entity:

And here are pictures we found on Instagram:

Do you agree that the Gary McNeill Concepts Entity is the ultimate all-rounder?

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