Gary McNeill Concepts CV2 Review

What the Gary McNeill Concepts site says about the CV2:

‘This board is the result of a collaboration between Gary and Rasta trying to come up with a Greenough inspired channel that runs the full length of the board. The result is the Ferrari of Gary’s concepts. Semi fish shape full length channel with a twist. Works amazing as a Twin or Quad.’

Image Source: Gary McNeill Concepts

Image Source: Benny’s Boardroom

What people are saying about it:

“The CV2 by Gary McNeill is your fun all round fish hybrid! This model has a normal rocker being designed for multiple fins. The bottom is a cv2 channel which ends at the front fins then feeds into a double concave through the fins. Great as a thruster or quad or even a keel twin on smaller days. The CV2 is an extremely versatile board designed for smaller surf but you’ll be surprised at how well this board handles on bigger days.” – Boardcave

“My CV2 is nothing short of amazing. The board paddles extremely well allowing you to get into the wave early however the board also takes a late and steep drop very well. The board has incredible speed and is easy to get on rail and perform tight turns. The CV2 really has me surfing better than I thought I could. An amazing board! Thanks Gary.” – user Dayne on Boardcave

“I have only surfed my new board on 3ft waves, paddled really well, catches waves the best I have ever had, really easy, turned beautifully. I cant wait to try it out on some bigger waves.” – user Tony on Boardcave

“No complaints what so ever about the board.” – user Vito on Boardcave

“The Gary McNeill Concepts CV2 surfboard is the Ferrari of small wave hybrid surfboards! This neat semi fish shape, which draws from George Greenough design inspiration, feature a full length channel with a twist. The ride is blistering fast in even gutless waves yet still smooth as silk. The Gary McNeill Concepts CV2 works amazingly well as a twin or quad in most average to good small wave conditions you will encounter.” – Benny’s Boardroom

“The CV2 is a trip – super deep single channel that runs the length of the board – high performance fish surfing! Has a higher top end than the entity. Deep barrels, top to bottom surfing – it does it all. Recently changed out the rasta quad fins for my Mulcoy quads to get some more pivot at the lip and the board has responded really well and can now grovel a little better.” – user averagejoe on Surfer forum

“Love the CV2 although I don’t surf it enough. Excellent construction. I gotta say that the board took quite a long time to build and ship. Around 4 months. I didn’t press about time though.” – user seaborne on Surfer forum

“A couple of months ago i got a cv2 quad From Gary which hás similiar dna & is also a heap of fun. The cv2 accelerates through turns which again i beleive is related to the channels In The bottom contour. I got my cv2 for lower tide beachies but its actually a good alrounder.” – user JaM71 on RealSurf forum

“This is a really light board, with good flex and is extremely durable. It has the deep single channel that runs the length of the board and it is probably the fastest board i’ve ridden.” – user Sean on GumTree

“There’s nothing quite like meeting a new dancing partner, with curves in all the right places. Knowing the fun you’ll share there’s a hint of trepidation as your unsure how it will react in certain situations. I surfed a waist high wedge yesterday and couldn’t believe how much speed I was generating. I can’t wait to get this thing into some really good waves. Twin fin for small wave fun and quad setup when things get a little more interesting. Thank you Franco and Gary for updating my quiver! This thing will be getting used and abused with love#cv2 #garymcneillconcepts” – user _c_thomas on Instagram

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