Firewire Wingnut Noserider Review


What the Firewire site says about the Wingnut Noserider:

‘The Wingnut Noserider embodies the best qualities of the original Wingnut Model and the Mark Martinson Model. The slightly pulled tail, in conjunction with softer rails, result in ultra-smooth turns and cutbacks to go along with improved control, stability, and nose riding. Single Fin with Tail Block Standard.’

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What people are saying about it:

“It feels shorter than the biggest size 9-8.. IT performs great on small and larger overhead waves. Super lightweight but holds well on a fast wave.” – XCGRS on

“A timeless shape brought to you by a neoclassic longboarder, the Wingnut Noserider Surfboard is the perfect choice for summer peelers. Incorporating the best qualities of the original Wingnut Model and the Mark Martinson Model, the Noserider has improved control, more stability and is a tipriding machine…With a true reverence for the art of traditional longboarding, the Wingnut Noserider will deliver a feeling like no other and have you paddling back out for more.” – CleanLineSurf

“I’m loving this board, it’s the 9’8″. Super light weight, so thick and wide but doesn’t feel that way in the water closer to the feel of a 9 footer. I have it equipped with a 9″ fcs fin, set about dead center in the box, holds great in turns and when on the tail it whips around with ease. This board is a true noserider, i didn’t think possible because the nose is not beefy thick as other longboard makes are…pulling cheater 5’s yep, hanging 10 you bet. I’m 5’11” 210lbs 25+ years surfing.” – big ripper on

“Wingnut is one of the most respected longboarder to ever walk the plank. As the name suggests, the shape is his classic noserider and comes with every possible feature to ensure a traditional ride. It’s a single fin as standard and the super flat rocker allows for unmatched early entry and unparrelled walking. This board is a true purist template with modern Timbertek construction.” – SecretSpot

“The Firewire X Wingnut Noserider model melds the key qualities of Wingnut’s original model and the Mark Martinson Model. The Wingnut Noserider has a single fin box and traditional tail block, it’s had the tail pulled in and the rails softened creating a traditional, smooth turning longboard that loves to cutback with plenty of control and as the name would suggest is nice and stable platform for nose riding.” – BoardShop

Size Chart:

Here is a video we found of the Firewire Wingnut Noserider:

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