Firewire Helium Spitfire Review


What the Firewire site says about the Helium Spitfire:

‘Our Marketing Director, Chuy Reyna, was looking for all the benefits of the Dominator but even more performance. The SPITFIRE combines a Diamond tail and STEP-DOWN tail rail, giving the SPITFIRE the tail bite of a thinner board, without losing the Dominator’s speed and flotation. The SPITFIRE offers the same 5/4/3 fin options and a low entry rocker for easy paddling.

(Helium) The same expanded lifespan beyond traditional materials that many expect from FST, in addition to the gentle compression beneath your feet that others love about LFT. We used the lightest foam we have to make Helium, combined with a brand new rail crafted from both balsa wood and paulownia wood. It’s all wrapped in a brand new deckskin material we’re introducing for the first time.’

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What people are saying about it:

“rode it the other day and its ridiculous. so fast under foot and really feels responsive.. about stomach high east coast usa windswell with some chop on it and it just flew around the line up.. very happy so far. rode it with the machados in

board felt super good and the step down rail i feel helps with the fatness of it. only been one session but all good so far.. “ – kdropin on firewiresurfboards forum

“The Firewire Spitfire surfboard in Helium technology ensures this latest incarnation of the eternally popular “Spit” is going to be a huge success.” – Boardshop

“FDS + HE2 new technology involving helium to make it 15% lighter than previous boards. The parabolic rails on the outside are a mixture of Balsa and Paulownia wood. It’s stronger and lighter than previous boards. It’s made with a new secret skin with helium in it that allows dents/foot wells on the deck so you know where your front foot goes. A really fast board.” – CoastalWatch

“The Helium construction proves to be a great option for one of Firewire’s most proven models.” – Sunrise Surf Shop on Vimeo

“This would have to be the one of the lightest weight boards I have ever held. But with a plus of having tremendous volumes in a tiny package.” – seller on

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Here are videos we found of the Firewire Helium Spitfire:

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