Firewire Helium Dominator Review


What the Firewire site says about the Helium Dominator:

‘It’s tempting to call the Dominator the most proven shape in Firewire’s entire arsenal.

The Dominator was first released in 2009 in FST and its new release in Helium marks this board’s fifth and final build evolution at Firewire.

It’s been built every way – FST, Timbertek, LFT and others – including several build technologies that only happened behind the scenes at Firewire. Its new life in Helium has made it a favorite of a couple Firewire employees, partially because of how easily it pairs with the Chumlee.’

Image source: surfersvillage [dot] com

What people are saying about it:

“The Dominator combines a full outline with a thick foil from nose to tail and a Five Fin configuration so you have both quad and thruster options available. The wide point has been moved back to reduce the nose profile, maintaining all of the speed but with none of the top turn drawbacks of retro nose outlines.” – Boardshop on YouTube

“Floaty for paddling and fine tuned for ripping, the Firewire Dominator Helium Surfboard is equipped for whatever you paddle out to…Built with the durable, quick flexing characteristics of lightweight Helium Technology, the Dominator paddles like it’s turbo charged and does not track like heavier PU boards with similar dimensions. Take Charge!” – Cleanline Surf

“Firewire’s new Helium technology is going to revitalize what is still one of the most versatile hybridized shortboards available….the Dominator..” –

Here are videos we found of the Firewire Helium Dominator:

And here are Instagram photos we found:


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