Firewire Dominator Review


What the Firewire site says about the Dominator:

‘Designed by Dan Mann, and perhaps the most versatile board in the Firewire quiver to date, the DOMINATOR combines a full outline with a thick foil from nose to tail and a 5/4/3 fin configuration. Dan moved the wide point back to reduce the nose profile, maintaining all of the speed but with none of the top turn drawbacks of retro nose outlines. Built with the flex characteristics and lightweight of FUTURE SHAPES TECHNOLOGY, the DOMINATOR paddles like it’s turbo charged and does not track like heavier PU boards with similar dimensions. Take Charge!’


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What people are saying about it:

“I’m a performance longboarder in the Uk – got hold of a dominator and absolutely love it – haven’t been back on my longboard for ages. Tell you this board is the business – 2 ft to head high+ it rocks UK waves.No lie it puts the fun back into surfing, Like someone else said on here – you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner!!” – Wilby on

“Extremely versatile: Unbelievable maneuverability as quad in small stuff. Can handle size with 3 or 5-fin set ups. Sucks up waves like a hog. One board unlocks many waves.” – Birdman on on

“I’m 5’10 190lbs and ride a 6’6 Dominator. Super fast and fun. with the high volume, it’s perfect for the stockier guys who can’t surf everyday anymore because it paddles like a longboard but you can still toss it around like a performance board. Score of 4 for manuevarability because it is a little “floaty” and harder to bury a rail but it’s worth the sacrifice for catching more waves and still being able to rip them. Can definitely handle knee-high to slighty overhead surf no problem. Love it!” – PLSurf on

“Best board i’ve ever owned, super fast & stable, easy to catch waves. Great in anything from 1 foot to 6 foot.” – Alan on

“The board has me stoked to surf again and after just a few weeks on it, I feel like my surfing has progressed more than it has in years! I’m not saying buying one will instantly make you a better surfer, but it will give you the opportunity to harness your abilities on a highly engineered wave riding tool unlike anything else on the market.” – Garage Shaper on

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