Firewire Carbo Hydro Review


WHat the Firewire site says about the Carbo Hydro:

‘The Carbo Hydro is a fresh look at the Baked Potato. The new nose and tail allow for a more parallel outline which increases drive without compromising the wide skatey tail. You’ll need to put your back foot back and drive it hard from the tail through flat sections. The bottom is an updated single concave under the front foot that flows into a heavy double barrel through the fins. The bottom contours and rocker along with the fin location is key in designs like this. The Carbo-Hydro has smooth transitions with those three components working together towards the common goal of speed and maneuverability. The Carbo-Hydro is destined to fly in a wide range of surf especially surf that’s on the small side.’

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Skill Level
24-49 LVolume
1-4ftIdeal Wave Height

What people are saying about it:

“i still feel I’m yet to have my best session on this board, but yet i feel/believe it is the best board bar none i have surfed EVER ! i’ve rode all tomos boards but i feel this board is faster better in all ways tall claim i know but for me it’s the best of all manns designs its like he took the sweet,baked,spit and cornice and made a one awesome board i love love love this board my baked may get lonely now so sad to say all in all yes its ugly but pretty is rare fun.” – anton on

“The Carbo Hydro breathes new life into the Sweet and Baked Potato family. The new pulled in nose and tail shape result in a more parallel outline more akin to the modern hull designs which ramps up the drive but maintains the legendary Sweet and Baked Potatoes skatey feel. The Carbo Hydro has a pretty sharp paired down rail at the tail giving the board a surprising amount of bite and decent hold in steeper conditions.

The Carbo Hydro differs from it’s stable mates in that you’ll need to drive the board from the back foot to get through the flats and mushier sections of the wave. So if you’re looking for an intermediate friendly groveller and you’re not a competent back foot surfer, you’d be much better off with either a Sweet Potato or Baked Potato. However if you’re a pretty tidy shortboarder and you’re looking for a small wave board that likes to be driven from the back foot…you’ve found it.” – Boardshop

“Potato fans, get ready for your latest carb-o-load! The Firewire Carbo Hydro Surfboard is here to complement the assortment of potato excitement in the lineup. This tweaked version of the Baked Potato is enhanced for more influence with less exertion so you can really make the best of each wave despite being in lackluster conditions. A pulled in nose and the rounded out diamond tail create a shape that is faster and more responsive on the wave face but still has the wide skatey tail that makes these designs so much fun.

The Carbo Hydro has an updated single concave bottom under the front foot that flows into a heavy double barrel through the fins. A sick technical feature that will allow you to easily slash the lip, slip down into the pocket and tuck in for a drippy head dip. Then shoot out the front, throw your rear foot back and drive hard through the flats, pump, carve back, then release the tail and turn hard to slide right back into the sweet spot. The bottom contours and rocker along the the fin location is key in designs like this, truly allowing for smooth transitions, speed and dynamic performance in mushy or small surf. Get onto a Carbo-Hydro and ride the liquid roller coaster until you can’t lift your arms to paddle out any more.” – CleanLine Surf

“Looking for a fun board for the summer? The carbo hydro is the skateboard of surfboards, instead of pulling into the park you’ll be gliding down some waves in the summer rays.” – SurfRide

“…a good board that will make the small days fun again! If you don’t want to get on a longboard when it’s small this would be a great option. The Carbo Hydro will paddle well and catch waves with ease!” – Rider Shack

Size Chart:

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