FCS Freedom Leash Review

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What FCS says about the Freedom Leash:

‘Strength and minimalism. Features a revolutionary new cord, lighter and stronger than any other cord. Surf Free.’

High Tensile Over-Braided Nylon Cord

  • Thinner, lighter & stronger.
  • Limited over-stretch designed to return to original length.
  • Reduces tangling and drag.

Precision Engineered Cuff

  • Silicone Grip Print – Reduces slipping around ankle.
  • 3MM Neoprene Padding – Thin, light and comfortable.
  • Low Profile Moulded Velcro – Stronger & more reliable.

Lightweight Moulded Pull Tab

  • Ergonomic, quick release.

Composite Horn

  • Foam filled, light and shock absorbing.
  • Extended horn length to reduce tangling.

Streamlines Railsaver

  • Less drag, thinner & lighter.
  • Better Hydrodynamics.


Image Source: Cleanline Surf

Image Source: FCS

What people are saying about it:

“This leash will improve your surfing.” – 0 0 on YouTube

“I stretched it out in 6ft-8ft surf in costa rica / hermosa ! I had hopes for it as the ankle strap was sick. Prob better for a leash replacement for a 6ft comp not a standard 6ft fcs leash. RIP.” – Matthew Harris on YouTube

“The minimal drag of a comp leash with the added strength of a thicker leash. The braided nylon is a cool new feature. The ankle cuff is super comfy and streamlined! Love this thing.” – Spenny on Cleanline Surf

“The FCS Freedom leash is my go-to leash for waves 6ft and under. The braided nylon cord is a one of a kind feature and is stronger, lighter, and has less drag than other leashes of similar diameter. After over a month of putting this leash through the ringer in Indonesia and Oregon I have yet to experience any annoying tangles or mishaps. All in all a super solid leash.” – Spencer on Cleanline Surf

“After bailing on a few four-foot sets, my ankle never felt like it was about to get ripped off. As well as the leash not snapping, the ‘no give’ thing was a real positive, my board never felt like it was going to slingshot back at me.” – Shinya on Stab

“My expectations were that, due to lack of elasticity of this rope, I was going to feel some pain in the likely event that I fell. I did. However, merely marginally more than the typical rope and only on the wildest beat-downs.” – Rick on Stab

Size Chart:

Specifically designed for wave heights under 5ft.

Comes in Orange, Black, Blue, Charcoal/Gold.

Here are videos of the FCS Freedom Leash:

And here are pictures we found on Instagram:

Got your hands on an FCS Freedom Leash? How do you like it so far?

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