Eye Symmetry The Six Feet Review


What the Eye Symmetry website says about The Six Feet:

‘A step-up performance short-board designed for smooth surfing in good waves. It features a more pulled in outline and refined foils than the other short-board models in the Eye Symmetry range. A slight single concave entry deepens from the front foot back and finishes with a double off the tail, thereby maintaining hold and drive on more powerful, steep waves. A rounded pin-tail with a medium rocker throughout the board makes it perfect for drawing confident, clean lines on the wave face.’

Image Source: Boardcave

Image Source: Compare Surfboards

Paddle Power
Skill Level
21.7 – 40.5 LVolume
4 – 8+ ftIdeal Wave Height

What people are saying about it:

“The first surf that I ever had on this board, on The Six Feet, it was solid – it was about six feet. It was approaching double overhead and it was really powerful and punchy. It was a beautiful day, glassy, not a drop of water out of place. It’s always a bit of a risk taking a board that you haven’t surfed before but I remember taking off with this Six Feet for the first wave and it was a left, and I’m a goofy footer which is good, and I took off and this thing just sat perfectly on the top of the wave. I got in nice and early and once I got down the steep face, it just felt so smooth. It held exactly the way I wanted it to hold. Did a nice big bottom turn and then got down line and got a fantastic first wave on the board.” – Benny on Compare Surfboards

“Holy crap … That’s sexy” – user jimpinnington on Instagram

“The Six Feet features a slightly pulled in outline and more refined foils than most of the shortboards in the Eye Symmetry range. A slight entry concave that deepens under the front foot into a double out through the tail ensures you get plenty of drive while maintaining hold on more powerful wave faces.

The Six Feet is great as a step up option on good, clean waves. With medium rocker throughout and a nice rounded pin tail for control, this board will have you drawing clean lines on the wave face.” – Boardcave

“Saw the middle one getting dropped of at foam ez the other day… looking good!” – user skimmin11 on Instagram

Size Chart:

Here’s a video of the Eye Symmetry The Six Feet:

And here are pictures we found on Instagram:

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