Eye Symmetry Lucid Eye Review

What the Eye Symmetry site says about the Lucid Eye:

‘The standard performance short-board model in our range. It features a modular outline with the wide point just prior centre, finishing in a rounded square tail and a slightly wider nose profile than the boards made popular during the shortboard revolution. A slight single concave entry deepens towards the tail and finishes with a subtle vee from the centre fin to off the tail for release. With medium rails, The Lucid Eye provides an option between The Rapture and The Six Feet and is designed for high performance surfing in waves above shoulder high.’

Image source: eyesymmetry.com

Image source: boardcave.com.au

Paddle Power
Skill Level
20.5 – 37.5 LVolume
4-8ft+Ideal Wave Height

What people are saying about it:

“The Lucid Eye is the Eye Symmetry performance shortboard. With a little more volume and width in the front of the board and a slightly rounded square tail, you get a good amount of natural speed and paddle power. Includes a slight single concave entry that deepens further back and runs out into a slight vee for extra release and medium rails.

The Lucid Eye is great for good waves above shoulder height. Designed for high performance surfing, this refined shape ensures you get a great balance of natural speed combined with maneuverability.” – Boardcave

“The Lucid Eye board model from EYE SYMMETRY looks very fun by the way you’ll watch Hector flying on it!” – Surf Caribbean Mag

“Hector starts off riding The Sandman, his signature craft perfect for flying, then he lofts and pulls in on the Cali Quad, a performance fish fit for pretty much anything, and the last section in near perfect juice sees Hec riding The Lucid Eye: Perfect for sticking drops and wrestling with foam balls.” – Alistair Klinkenberg on monsterchildren.com

Size Chart:

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