Eye Symmetry Cali Quad Review


What the Eye Symmetry site says about the Cali Quad:

‘A good wave performance fish model designed to be ridden in clean, powerful waves. The Cali Quad is inspired by the waves and shapers of California. It features a slight, clean entry rocker with medium lift in the tail. The deck is slightly scooped in the nose transitioning to a raised deck with foot wells throughout the rest of the board. Beveled rails reduce area towards the exterior foil allowing for nice turning. A mild single concave in the nose deepens through the centre of the board finishing in a slight double and pronounced vee off the tail. This board is available as a quad only and the fin set-up combined with a small smallow tail provides a super fun, alternative drivey board for good waves from waist high to double overhead.’

Image source: eyesymmetry.com

Image source: eyesymmetry.com

20.8 - 40.2 LVolume
2-8ft+Ideal Wave Height

What people are saying about it:


+ A great small, clean wave board with unique design aspect that separate it from other small wave performance fish designs
+ Fun, fast board for riding smaller, cleaner waves but doesn’t mind a bit of mush, too
+ Nice beveled rails that help to make this a great paddler that still feels really lively and turns well
+ Scoop in the nose and hump at the back that hugs your foot and holds it in place during manoeuvres


– Doesn’t have enough rocker to take a really steep, pronounced drop…I dug the nose a few times when the waves were steeper” – Benny on comparesurfboards.com

“The Cali Quad, a fish style quad that loves performing in clean and powerful waves. With a clean entry rocker and medium lift through the tail, you will notice both the speed and control you can gather. With a slightly scooped deck in the nose moving into a raised deck complete with foot wells through the rest of the board means you feel in control. Nice turning due to the beveled rails combine with a single to double vee to ensure the speed from your quad is controllable.

The Eye Symmetry Cali Quad is best for good waves when you want an alternative to your shortboard with some added drive. Available as a quad only, this board will perform well on waves waist high to double overhead.” – Boardcave

“The Cali Quad by Eye Symmetry Surfboards gives you a little extra performance with the rear fins set a touch closer together.” – The Inertia

“Hector starts off riding The Sandman, his signature craft perfect for flying, then he lofts and pulls in on the Cali Quad, a performance fish fit for pretty much anything…” – Monster Children

Size chart:

Here are videos we found of the Eye Symmetry Cali Quad:

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Caught a wave on the Eye Symmetry Cali Quad? What was it like?

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