Emery Wedge Tail Review

What the Emery Surfboards site says about the Wedge Tail:

‘Taking inspiration from the 80’s but keeping with our design theories of performance, the Wedge Tail will have you flying down the line.

Flat rocker and the wide point two thirds of the way up the board will make you generate speed out of your front foot. Flyers sit on the rail, right about the same positioning of your back foot, giving you responsive rail to rail surfing. Take these features and combine them with single to quad concave for that extra spurt of speed, along with the loose swallow tail and your in for one hell of a surf.

We recommend riding with Twin Fin and stabiliser setup.

Fun, fast & ready to fly.’

Image Source: Emery Surfboards

Image Source: Emery Surfboards

Image Source: Emery Surfboards

What people are saying about it:

“The Wedge Tail is a 2016 Emery model with a 80’s throwback feel. With a forward wide point combined with a flatter rocker, this board gives you plenty of momentum when surfing on your front foot. Some wings at your back foot mean you get plenty of responsiveness when rail to rail surfing.” – Boardcave

“Gonna get a cheap emery when it comes up.” – user keegan.bennettt on Instagram

“Too nice.” – user surfvault on Instagram

Size Chart:

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