DVS Wasp Review


What the DVS Surfboards site says about the Wasp:

‘The Wasp is a swallow tailed, fish type shape that is quad fined and it has a sting in its tail. Its bottom configuration is a single concave in the front, going into a double concave vee in the tail and the deck is concaved in the back half, so you are actually standing in it and not on top of it. It has a flat carbon stringer which gives the board spring and allows the tail to twist under pressure. Very unique.’

Image Source: Surfboard Agency

Image Source: Surfd

What people are saying about it:

‘The DVS Wasp is a quad-fin performance fish that has the potential to supercharge your summer… The DVS Wasp is all about negative space – the foam that has been removed. The bottom deck features a single concave up front that flows through to a double concave between the fins. This creates an efficient funnel to propel water out through the vee tail. Less board in the water means more speed, and the Wasp will be a magic carpet both in onshore mush and quality waves… Most unique about the Wasp is that the back of the top deck also features a single concave. This hollowed out area positions your back foot slightly below the top deck surface, closer to those quad fins, providing immense sensitivity and control through turns.” – Surfd

“I had a 5″6 and remember that it was really quick. Surfed very tic tacky ie short, sharp, quick turns. I just used the dvs semi keels that came with the board. Dick also does a slim wasp, I saw a 5″10 recently which looked really sweet.” – user JaM71 on Real Surf forum

“Sold my WASPs. I loved them but there was too much volume for me. Dick just did his thing which is fine of course.” – user Davros on Real Surf forum

“Super light weight and great volume, would be a great board for HK!” – X Game H.K. on Facebook

“The ‘Wasp’ by Dick Van Staalen may just be your new best friend this Summer.” – Lennox Head Surf on Facebook

“#dvs #wasp a pure beauty shaped by the #artist, the #legendary the super #creative dick van straalen that shapes #epoxy #surfboards since the #60’s” – user a_frame_israel on Instagram

“I had ridden a 6’0″ Wasp and felt like it was too small, the volume seemed ok but just felt small. When I got the first wave on the 6’4″ it was completely a different story. The added volume was immediate and the thing just took off and felt more stable than the smaller 6’0.” This board is amazing for smaller days and I had a very high wave count after I had finished! Foam climbs and floaters were done with ease and it has a really nice semi sharp rail the whole way around the board which locks it in when you go for roundhouse cutbacks, it seems to store the energy and deliver it back to you at the end! THE RATING – Great small wave board for the quiver, go up in volume for ease of paddling and fun!” – user theboardloft on Instagram

“A little test this morning on a DVS Wasp, conditions were appalling so I’ll let it slide for now. Super fast and loose but couldn’t get a good run on the slop unfortunately…” – user 5tringy on Instagram

“Thought I would spoil myself with a new custom order Dick Van Straalen 5’8″ Wasp to match my 5’0″ Skate. Just surfed it and love it yewwwww.” – user ljmrc on Instagram

Size chart:

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