DP The Rover Review

What the DP Surfboards site says about The Rover:

‘We’re always searching for a board that we can take anywhere and surf in any conditions, the perfect all rounder.

This is our interpretation of the Global Rover.

This modern shortboard design hides a little more foam than meets the eye and combines this with a touch more area through the nose to get you out of trouble on those smaller days. A single concave throughout and a hip at the tail adds drive and enhanced response off the bottom for lively, electric surfing in all conditions.’

Image Source: DP Surfboards

Image Source: Tracks Mag

What people are saying about it:

“Nice! Tried it once in Cornwall was scared I was gonna get harpooned by a japanese whaling ship!!!! Lol!” – user Marcus Grindley on Facebook

“Love The Rover.” – user Steve Clark on Facebook

“The Rover, my best board yet.” – user the_terrier65 on Instagram

Size chart:

Here are videos we found of DP The Rover:

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