DP Hunter Review

What the DP Surfboards site says about the Hunter:

‘With the South Coast being home to some of the best slabs in the country and half of our team constantly hunting these waves, it was only natural that we included the Hunter in our board range.

With paddling power being the main focus here we carried extra foam through to the front third of the board to be able to get into and under heavy waves with ease. The bottom curve is based off the 4wesome which allows the Hunter to fit into tight wave faces while the pulled in tail with a five fin option adds increased hold needed in critical situations.

Ridden the same size as your Performa, this board is all about speed; fast paddling, fast under the lip, fast in the barrel and fast for getting spat out of slabs.’

Image Source: DP Surfboards

What people are saying about it:

“Best boards running!” – user _harryfisher_ on Instagram

“Best board in big surf. Love mine and would recommend it to anyone as a step up or if they live near big slaby waves.” – user keegan_willetts_ on Instagram

Size chart:

Here is a video we found of the DP Hunter:

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