DMS Slapper Review


What the manufacturer says about the Slapper:

‘The DMS Slapper has all our high performance shortboard characteristics, jam packed into a super short, high volume, low rocker speed nugget. The Slapper can be surfed in small 1ft slop to 4ft barreling beach break.

The Slapper fuses a super rounded outline with a pin-tail, suited to high speed, down the line conditions. This, combined with our patented carbon wrap technology, designed to increase drive and allow positive tail flex provides a lively, performance based hybrid. Whether you go for the Carbon Wrap or PU, the Slapper performs amazing in up to 4 foot conditions.

Easy entry into flat speed rocker with a gradual tail lift

Mid diamond rails for a mix of speed and response

Slight single into double concave combined with a slight V off the tip of the tail for release’

Image Source: DMShapes

21 - 42.69 LVolume
1-4ftIdeal Wave Height

What people are saying about it:

“Might have to get one of these in my quiver mate, looks sick!” – Adam Bennetts on Facebook

“High performance surfing in a range of conditions the Slapper by DMS can be surfed nice and short, making it easy to fit into the pocket of the wave, with the pulled in rounded pin tail offering hold on the wave face. The Slapper lights up in your everyday conditions and is a great selection for the one board surfer looking to surf a range of waves.” –

“A wicked little small to medium size wave all rounder surfboard, I dig the shape of the Slapper by DMS Surfboards. Like a shrunken down step-up board, the tight pin tail holds in a hollow wave but the girth through the center helps to pack volume in a tight package. Overall, a really cool design. This is the DMS Slapper surfboard review at Benny’s Boardroom. Enjoy!” – Benny of

“Holy shit i can’t wait to knock of work that looks sick!” – user nigeldamon on Instagram


Here are videos we found of the DMS Slapper:

And here are Instagram pictures:

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