DMS Fat Cat Review


What the DMS website says about the Fat Cat:

‘The DMS Fat Cat is one of our top sellers. Its smooth outline makes for the perfect all round shortboard. With a little extra volume and refined performance characteristics, the Fat Cat lights up in all conditions up to 5 foot.

The Fat Cat is a performance shortboard that carries volume from nose to tail. Because of this, the Fat Cat can be ridden a few inches shorter without compromising paddle power. This board will perform well in small surf, yet still holds its own in the bigger stuff. Select a rounded pin tail for barreling waves like Bali or any hollow reef or beach breaks.’

Image Source: DMS

Image Source: Surf Stitch

19.08 - 42.49 LVolume
1 - 6 ftIdeal Wave Height

What people are saying about it:

“The DMS fat cat with a carbon wrap has been amazing, performing in all conditions. It’s been to the Gold Coast, Perth and Bali several times, love it!!!” – Jason on Boardcave

“I got my Fat Cat in the carbon wrap and so far it has been great. The first thing I noticed was how well made and light it was. I’ve surfed it in 2-4ft beach and reef breaks. It is easy to ride and feels good under foot. Also easy to turn and get on rail. I think this will go really well when it gets overhead and clean. Very happy.” – Warren on Boardcave

Size Chart:
Height           Width        Thickness       Volume

Here’s a video of the DMS Fat Cat in action:

And here are pictures we found on Instagram:

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