DHD Switchblade EpoxiCore Review


What the DHD site says about the Switchblade Epoxicore:

‘Over thirty years of designing and shaping surfboards has led me to create a board that brings together the positive attributes of both traditional fibreglass and epoxy construction. The development team embraced the project as we explored new technology, design and manufacturing techniques.

The Switchblade is your complete all round performance shortboard for waves up to 4ft. This board generates speed through your turns in average surf conditions. Now with Epoxicore!

Superior Weight Distribution

With superior weight distribution designed to eliminate speed “chatter”, improve rail performance and introduce more flex to the bottom of half of the board.

Control Flex

The control flex contained in the bottom half of the board is the most exciting feature, almost like a compressed spring releasing its energy into the surfer, giving you the confidence to take your surfing to the next level.

Rail Performance

The weighted rails allow you to bury the rail and provides the necessary control to complete desired manoeuvres.
Velocity +

Superior weight distribution eliminates speed chatter while maintaining a solid connection with the water.

Concave — Single

Rocker — Full Flat to Medium

Glassing — EpoxiCore Construction

Fins — Thruster *FCS 2’

Wave height: 1-4 feet; Drive/Speed: 5/5; Movability: 4/5; Paddle Power: 4/5

Image source: shop.dhdsurf.com

Image source: dhdsurf.com

Image source: dhdsurf.com

What people are saying about it:

“The Switchblade EpoxiCore is a complete all round performer that goes well in anything up to 4 foot. The Epoxi Core Construction gives it a livelier feel with plenty of springback.

The Switchblade in EpoxiCore construction by DHD is a small wave machine with the ability to step up in medium sized waves too making it perfect as an everyday option for the one-board quiver surfers.” – Boardcave.com.au

Size Chart:

No video found of this model

Here are Instagram photos we found of the DHD Switchblade EpoxiCore:


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