DHD Sweet Spot 2.0 Review

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What the DHD Surfboards website says about the Sweet Spot 2.0:

‘The Sweetspot 2.0 is made extra strong to withstand the powerful surf at the worlds best surf locations.

The ultimate all rounder, the perfect travelling companion and your go to board for when the surf conditions at home are pumping.



  • Glassing — 4 x 4 x 4 x 4 Bullet Proof
  • Rocker — More Rocker in the Nose
  • Concave — Single to Double Concave
  • Carbon — Carbon Re-enforcements Fin’s & Tail
  • Fins — Five Fin *FCS 2 or Futures

Surf this board shorter than your normal step-up, you can relive your surf trips when the waves are pumping at home.’

Sweet Spot 2.0 vs. Tomo’s Hydronaut | BlinkSurf

Image Source: DHD Surfboards

Image Source: DHD Surfboards

Size Chart:

What people are saying about the Sweet Spot 2.0:
“This board is excellent! At first I thought it might not be wide enough for someone of my age but I have been pleasantly surprised. This board has outstanding maneuverability and paddling is a breeze. Simply put, it is an outstanding product of Australian craftsmanship!” – user Gary on Boardcave

“Really easy to pick up waves, excellent stability on take off, great manouverabilty. This is an excellent board for 40 – 60+ surfer who wants to continue with a performance board. The volume and extra width make it easier to get into the wave without loss of performance. I snapped my board by landing on it from 6 ft up (not the boards fault), I ordered the same board as a replacement.” – user Grahame on Boardcave

“If you are used to riding a slightly shorter wider board as your normal shortboard (which most of us Victorians tend to do) then you’ll feel right at home on this board when the waves start getting good. A full performance rocker with a nice tidy rounded pin to keep you in control in steeper more powerful waves.” – Zak Surfboards

“Love my 2.0 highly recommend it. I ride it at home in yamba and travel abroad with it too.” – user phantomlongboarder on Instagram

Here’s a video of DHD Surfboards’ Sweet Spot 2.0:

And here are pictures we found on Instagram:







Do you own a DHD Surfboards Sweet Spot 2.0? How does it ride? Share your experience below!

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