DHD Scalpel Review

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What the DHD website says about the Scalpel:

‘The Scalpel is a new model for the range and is a result of all the traveling I have been doing to the United States.

I found I was surfing in small to mid-size waves that were super glassy and lacking in power, reminded me a lot of the Australian Summer conditions. I was looking for a model that was easy to surf in these conditions and get me out there on the smaller days.’

Glassing: 4 x 4 x 4
Rocker: Medium to Flat to Low
Concave: Single Concave to Vee

Image Source: DHD Surfboards

Image Source: Boardcave Brasil

25.42 - 40.43 LVolume
1 - 4 ftIdeal Wave Height

What people are saying about it:

“The DHD Scapel is designed as the ultimate small wave board for the surfer looking for extra speed and power in a board. The Scalpel lights up on those smaller flatter days that lack power.

The Scalpel has great planing speed to fly over full sections, ideal in smaller conditions when you need that extra power. This board is great for airs and tail throws and will get you frothing to surf small waves.” – Boardcave

“Designed to keep the froth up whilst the waves are down, the Scalpel comes standard with a 5 fin setup & by all accounts races down the line as a quad.” – Trade Wind Surf

“This model is a real surprise packet for surfers looking for spark on those smaller flatter wave days.” – Surfers Choice

Size Chart:

Here’s a video of the DHD Scalpel:

And here’s a picture we found on Instagram:

Do you own a DHD Scalpel? Did it live up to your expectations?

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