DHD Puzzle Piece Review


What the DHD Surfboards site says about the Puzzle Piece:

‘The Puzzle Piece is an easy to surf all round performer that anyone can ride in a wide range of conditions. It is a great performer for the beach breaks.’



What people are saying about it:

“The Puzzle Piece is best for all round performance surfing for the rider looking for speed and response. The smooth all round shape offers additional foam and width under the chest with a slightly thicker rail offering extra float for easy paddling and stability while allowing you to go shorter for whippy easy turns. This board performs well in beach breaks and is a great foundation board for the intermediate surfer looking to take their surfing to the next level.” – Boardcave.com.au

“I felt up a few recently . Very nice indeed. All the DHD boards looked good and have a level of refinement not seen in most otr boards .” – User Retodd on Surfermag.com

“It’s pretty much a HPSB with a little extra foam and width, just subtle enough that it’s not a hybrid. Everything about it felt like it would hold as much as I would ever surf in my sane mind (which is not much, really. maybe 4ft overhead max?). Thought about stepping up for good and getting a 6’3”, so I can easily catch waves when it’s overhead, which I seem to struggle on my 6’1”. Plus it’s not a hybrid that needs to be smaller so I think a 6’3” may be the perfect step up for 4 t 8ft+ surf.” – User Brukuns on Surfermag.com

“I would say that it’s more like a new style HPSB designed to be ridden a couple inches shorter than the longer HPSBs of the late 00s. I was on a 6’4″ back then, now I’m on a wider, thicker 6’2″ Puzzle Piece and loving it in the exact same conditions.

It’s not as good a paddler as your stub, but I think the extra rail line gives it some extra glide. Loves being pushed over ledges. If there are walls to carve, this board goes off. Perfect balance of drive and looseness – the board goes wherever you can put it. There are better options for mush.” – User Bird. on Surfermag.com

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Here are a few videos we found of the DHD Puzzle Piece:

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