DHD Mini Twin Review

What the DHD Surfboards site says about the Mini Twin:

Asher Pacey Mini Twin Fin. A little nostalgia with a modern day twist makes this perfect for 1 to 4ft surf.


Glassing — 4 x 4 x 4 Standard

Rocker — Medium to Low

Concave — Single to Double with Vee

Carbon — Carbon Re-enforcements Fin’s & Tail

Fins — Twin Fin *Futures

Image Source: DHD Surf

Image Source: DHD Surf

Image Source: DHD Surf

Image Source: DHD Surf

Image Source: DHD Surf

Image Source: DHD Surf

What people are saying about it:

“The Mini Twin is a twin fin thats a little shorter and a little rounder than its big brother the DHD Twin Fin. With reinforced carbon in the fin boxes and tail you’ll feel plenty of control and strength through your back foot.” – Boardcave

“What surprised me about the board was the ability to push through cutbacks very hard of your backfoot and not have it slide out. The overall ride was smooth and fluid and the board really carried through the flat sections and still held really well in the pocket.” – Float Captain

“A beaked nose has been used in this design which helps to carry a bit of extra volume forward into the nose  which helps with glide and paddle power .  The beak design also allow the shape to keep thickness in the nose and maintain a flatter rocker line through the front end of the board (because you don’t  have to kick up the rocker from the bottom to meet the nose like you do in most contemporary designs).” – Zak Surfboards

Size Chart:

Here are videos we found of the DHD Mini Twin:

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