DHD MF Sweet Spot Review


What the DHD site says about the MF Sweet Spot:

‘Combining that length, foam and tight pulled round tail creates a fast and dynamic combination in the pocket. It paddles into waves early and is packed full of speed.


  • Glassing: 4 x 4 x 4 Standard
  • Rocker: MF Signature Rocker
  • Concave: Single to Concave Vee


  • Carbon: Strong Tail Wrap
  • Fins: FCS 2

Image Source: DHD Surfboards

Image Source: DHD Surfboards

What people are saying about it:

‘Ordered a 5’10 sweetspot for my trip to the mentawais. It was my go to board for when the waves were 3-6ft. Couldn’t believe how well the board holds so you don’t have to worry about your board sliding out when the waves get bigger or when putting it on rail when carving. Goes sick in the barrel too. Surfed it from overhead HTs to 3ft burgerworld and the thing went sick. Definitely a board worth having in your quiver!’ –  user Sheesh on Boardcave

‘Excelent surfboard!!! One of the best I got.’ – user Gustavo on Boardcave

‘It’s super wide and thick, a 5’11”has almost 35lt on it. Supposedly super easy paddle, and very high performance. That’s what precisely I want. But it won’t work well if it’s overhead, and I do surf overhead waves, that’s why I need another board. plus, the super wide outline may help catch mushy waves, but it doesn’t help to “break the ledge” on hollower surf, so a second board with different characteristics would be ideal. I already have a 6’1”, but it’s too stiffso I’m thinking about switching to the Sweet Spot for 4ft+ surf.’ – Brukuns on Real Surf Forum

‘I have ridden this board in 1-2ft days and it does work if there is a wall to work off. If you have a mushy 4-6ft day then this board is great for that too because of the tail. When you have a round tail like the Sweet Spot you have more control and typically a mushy 6ft wave has some wind chop and energy about it that I find a board like either a JS Blak Box or a DHD Doubleshot that have a larger outline square round tail will start to be unreliable in the bigger mushy stuff.’ – BeachSurfinTV

Size Chart:

Here are some videos we found of the DHD Sweet Spot:

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