DHD MF J-Bay Review


What the DHD Surfboards site says about the MF J-Bay:

‘Due to popular demand we have included Mick Fanning’s J-Bay board into our line up!


Glassing — Team Lite

Rocker — MF Signature Rocker

Concave — Single to Double

Carbon — Narrow Cross Extensions

Fins — Thruster FCS 2

Tail — Swallow / With 4 Channel Bottom

Spray — Blue Rail Spray

You now have the opportunity to ride what a 3 x World Champion rides. Mick Fanning’s MF JBay 5’9 x 18 7/8 x 2 5/16 – 26.8L with a swallow tail, channel bottom & super light 4 x 4 glassing.’

Image Source: dhdsurf.com

Image Source: dhdsurf.com

Image Source: dhdsurf.com

Image Source: dhdsurf.com

What people are saying about it:

“The MF JBAY model is the board used by Mick Fanning in his 2016 J-Bay winning campaign. The board combines narrow carbon cross-sections in the tail with a 4 channel bottom an a team lite glassing option for high performance surfing. The Mick Fanning J-Bay board is best for high performance surfing in good waves.” – Boardcave

“Mick Fanning’s J-Bay board, perfect point break machine or any down the line wave, lots of speed & drive produced by the channels, swallow tail to lay into big powerful, controlled carves.” – Surf Shops Australia

“The board Mick Fanning used to claim the 2016 Billabong Pro title in J Bay is a little pocket rocket of speed. The MF JBAY has a lower entry rocker generating early speed. Four channels out the back directs water without being too tracky, while the swallow tail gives the board some bite while still allowing easy maneuverability.” – Unparalleled

Size Chart:

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