DHD Black Diamond Review


What the DHD site says about the Black Diamond:

The Black Diamond is the true meaning of versatile.

By bringing the widest point forward, increasing the nose area and dropping the entry rocker slightly, the BD paddles extremely well and is fast off the front foot.

This combined with the sexy little round pin which provides hold and smoothness through turns, the BD will handle anything you throw at it.

Glassing: 4 x 4 x 4 Standard
Rocker: Medium to Low
Concave: Single to Concave Vee

Carbon: Comp Tail Wrap / Comp Bottom Strip
Fins: FCS 2 Five Fin



Image source: DHDSurf

What people are saying about it:

“Surf just about anything with the new versatile DHD Black Diamond, get deep barrels or fly across flat sections. It is a good option for the one board surfer.” – Boardcave.com

“I surfed my new board today, one word……AMAZING!! This board was a blast. It did everything that i wanted it to do. Drivey, fast, and responsive.” – DriftSurfShop.com

“It goes really well. Im very happy with it and it will continue to keep its spot in my quiver. Its an OK option as a one board quiver and it can handle larger surf. It worked extremely well in Bali and Down South WA. However, I think its sweet spot is from 2ft to 6ft surf and not so good on the smaller “grovel” days. I think this is mainly due to the tail shape.” – Stryder

Size Chart:

Here’s a video we found featuring Mick Fanning with the DHD Black Diamond:

Pictures we found on Instagram:






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