Deus V-Bowl Review

What the shaper, Ryan Lovelace, says about the V-Bowl:

‘Many people assume, since I was heavily into hulls the last few years, that it’s a hull. It’s not. I took what I learned from the research and development that I dedicated to traditional displacement hulls, and I directed some of those curves and balances into a template that is much more approachable and adaptable to different waves and surfing styles.

With the v.Bowls, you keep the ball-bearing feeling and boost that a traditional hull gives you when you step forward on it. With my first v.Bowls, I had that acceleration and juice right where 90 percent of surfers naturally stand on a surfboard, and I didn’t lose any of the forward trim that we’re all so addicted to.’

Image Source: DeusCustoms

Image Source: DeusCustoms

Image Source: DeusCustoms

Image Source: DeusCustoms

Image Source: DeusCustoms

What people are saying about it:

“The v.Bowls changed my approach to surfing. I now see waves with more flow than ever. Wild, high-trim groovy lines lead into long cutbacks, all started by fade-away take-offs and slingshotting high-lines.” – Mike McCrary on

“Love this board” – user victor_v.p on instagram

“Looks insane ?? can’t wait to get it wet, super amped” – user dale.lattanzio on instagram

“Super cool” – user meelahpaludan on instagram

“Totally rocks!” – user pauloholdorf on instagram

“The first time I saw the design, it was Ryan riding his yellow board at Leadbetter. That thing was going so fast on such slow waves — I had to get my hands on one. It’s definitely in a league of its own. Mine draws lines and glides effortlessly, making me really relax while I’m surfing, makes me think ahead to what’s going to happen down the line, much more so than I would on a smaller board.” – Trevor Gordon on

Sizes Available:

6’10 x 3¼” x 22”
7’6 x 3¼” x 23″
7’10 x 3¼” x 23″
8’2 x 3″ x 23″

Here are videos we found of the Deus V-Bowl:

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