Dead Kooks Riches QD Review


What the manufacturer’s site says about the Riches QD:

‘Carrying on from the Riches, the Quad holds a similar form with a more performance twist. A Double concave to Vee splits the water through the quad fin setup, with a more defined edge in the tail and lower rail line. Still keeping the flatten rocker and foam distribution with a relatively flat deck. The Riches Quad is a performance based fish, the wide flat planshape generates and maintains speed with easy, is quick and lively off the tail, holds tight on rail through crisp arcs and releases nicely through the lip. Also available from 5’0 – 6’6. Or go the Riches Royal if you want to go bigger and really step and style it up.’

Image Source: Dead Kooks

1-4ftIdeal Wave Height

What people are saying about it:

“Cool.” – User robert_kki on Instagram

“This is awesome.” – User feelgoodpropaganda on Instagram

“Slick.” – User jackjills_surf on Instagram

“Rad.” – User templeauthentic on Instagram

Available Sizes:

Can be ridden from 5’0 – 6’6’.

No Video found:

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Here are instagram pictures we found of the Dead Kooks Riches QD:

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