Dead Kooks Madball Review

What the Dead Kooks site says about the Madball:

‘The Madball is a little 90’s throwback thruster. With a wider outline pulled in with a flyer to a tight swallow. The rocker is flattened through the center with a noticeable kick in the nose. The flat deck carries plenty of foam and the bottom has a soft single to deep double concave following to Vee off the tail to lift the rail line and provide a bunch of squirt. Finds itself best suited in waves from knee height to well overhead.’

Image Source: Dead Kooks

Image Source: Dead Kooks

Image Source: Dead Kooks

What people are saying about it:

“Looks so good!” – Yuji Skillzhigh on Facebook

“So sick!!” – user _skillzhigh_ on Instagram

“S T E A L T H.” – user c55creative on Instagram

“Deadlyyyy.” – user itchygypsy_ on Instagram

Size Chart:

Available from 5’2 – 6’4.

Here is a video we found of the Dead Kooks Madball:

Here are Instagram pictures we found:

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