Corey Graham Shapes One Series #1 Twin Review

What the manufacturer says about the One Series #1 Twin:

‘Flat rocker with a slight vee into channels, twin fin and a wide diamond tail. Deck side, flat deck with a double concave under the back foot to give it a “worn in” feel.’

Image source:

What people are saying about it:

“I’ve been doing a few high up doubles, past centre and they feel great in a recovery drop out of lip.” – wallbridgesurfboards on Instagram

“I’d love to ride something like this. really anything with channels.” – kennyd5882 on Instagram

“Looks rad! Always new ideas, I love it.” – jmccarthyprice on Instagram

“Insane looking!” – bhopmosurf

Size available:

5’5 – 20’1/2 – 2’5/8

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Here is an Instagram picture we found of the One Series #1 Twin:

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