Corey Graham Shapes Hull Review

What the manufacturer says about the Corey Graham Shapes Hull:

‘Catching the last dawn of summer.. has a cedar stringer with a sand coloured cut lap pigment and a single fin box..’

Image Source: Corey Graham Shapes

What people are saying about it:

“This will be the best looking bigger wave board surfed in nothing over four foot ever…” – David Currell on Facebook

“So good!!” – user al_and_imo_handmade on Instagram

“Love this shape!!” – user boardtalk on Instagram

“Great outline!” – user simonrosendalhoeg on Instagram

Sizes Available:

6’4 – 21’1/4 – 2’3/4
6’6 – 20’3/4 – 2’3/4
6’8 – 21’1/2 – 2’3/4

No videos found for this model
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Here are Instagram pictures we found of the Corey Graham Shapes Hull:





What’s your experience been of the Corey Graham Shapes Hull? We’d like to hear it!

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