Corey Graham Shapes Angled Channel Twin Review


What Corey Graham says about the Angled Channel Twin:

‘In formula one racing back in the day they never really considered the under tray of the car when it came to performance…

Nowadays up to 50% of the downforce is created by the undertray.. food for thought really… Or maybe not… whatever.. Maybe I’m tripping. Anyway, I made this, I reckon it’ll go good. It’s a 5’6 – 20′ – 2’1/4 keel twin fin. Its a prototype… had a crack and I like it…’

Image Source: Corey Graham Shapes

What people are saying about it:

“Reminds me of the stealth bomber.” – user cvmanno on Instagram

Sample Dimension:
5’6 – 20′ – 2’5’16

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Here are pictures of the Corey Graham Shapes Angled Channel Twin on Instagram:


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