Christenson Nautilus Review

What the Christenson Surfboards site says about the Nautilus:

‘A timeless blend of performance, function , and aesthetics. The nautilus is designed to fill that missing link between mid-lengths and shorter performance and alternative designs. Classic low rails with and complex bottom contours allow this design to sync with the wave of your choice. Recommended size range 6’6” – 7’0” . Glass on quad or thruster are the fins of choice.’


Image Source: Vanves

Image Source: Vanves

What people are saying about it:

My lust object of the moment, Nautilus model by Christenson. It is so very dreamy.” – Surfy Surfy on Facebook

…Have seen a few Chris Christenson Nautilus out there… They seem considerably more pulled in in the nose and tail, thus perhaps designed for bigger stuff?” – user hullogfish on

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Here is a video we found of the Christenson Nautilus:

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  • Frank Zhu

    Hi I have a 5’8 nautilus. Picked it up when I was in California in late November. Quad fin set up. Haven’t really ridden it too many times. I was looking for a short fat fish. But this caught my eye. The usually longer Nautilus looks amazing but I already have a few mid length and gun. The 5’8 is very light. At times too loose. Didn’t like smallish waves. When there is some size it works magic. Still getting used to it. Haven’t had a perfect session on it at northern beaches of sydney just yet. Will report back when I have had more time on it.