Christenson Invisible Policeman Review


What the Christenson Surfboards site says about the Invisible Policeman:

‘Inspired by my poor seppo driving skills on the left side and running over an invisible policeman on a recent trip to Australia.

Low rails and multiple bottom contours to help you outrun and get sneaky around any sections and intersections smooth and casually.’

Image Source: Mollusk Surf Shop

Image Source: Mitch’s Surf Shop

What people are saying about it:

“The Invisible Policeman is Chris’s latest take on the Hull concept. Using some lines and contours from an old Diffenderfer, Chris created a Hull that could be surfed more aggressively yet still have the flow and feel provided by the displacement up front. This makes the IP a quick down the line board that can come back the pocket a bit easier than standard Hull designs.” – Mollusk Surf Shop

“Chris Christenson’s new hull design, updating the best of the Diffenderfer for more aggressive surfing yet with the smooth cruise of a classic hull front end. Quick reactions, easier to maneuver.” – Mitch’s Surf Shop

“Got my first go on the Invisible Policeman yesterday. Stoked on how it went. Really had a lot of speed and flow to it.” – user jon_peck on Instagram

“Sports cars for the ocean. Thanks @jon_peck and @christensonsurfboards for another classy gem. Finally some energy stacking up for proper use in fifth gear on the point break race tracks. 7×20.5×2.75 #invisiblepoliceman” – user stillinger on Instagram

“Mitch King says ‘I love this new Invisible Policeman model! It’s the ticket for fun, and the shape by @chris_christenson73 is visually arresting!'” – user mitchsnorth on Instagram

Size chart:

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Here are Instagram pictures we found of the Christenson Invisible Policeman:


What’s your experience been of the Christenson Invisible Policeman? We’d like to hear it!

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