Chilli Faded Review

What the Chilli Surfboards site says about the Faded:

‘More strength, more trust, more fun

A new model we have created from the Fader. Designed to be ridden 1 inch shorter than your Fader. This is a board you can trust, if you had an around the world trip booked and only room for 1 surfboard, this your board.

Let’s break down the key strength elements – a strong board plays a huge part in having trust in your board when the waves are good. This board is glassed with 6 oz x 4 oz deck / 4 oz + Innegra + twin carbon strip bottom. The Twin carbon is designed to reinforce the body of the board down the centre and the Innegra is woven into the bottom roll of 4 oz fibreglass and assists with flex so your board still performs at a high level. It’s designed to be strong and perform. We did R&D through Project Black over the past 12 months this board with riders Jay Davies and Luke Egan both big builds and heavy footed surfers.

The design – we’ve taken the Fader (a popular Chilli model for good to excellent wave types) and added more foam in the centre of the board, allowing more paddle power. The rocker is a very smooth entry in the nose with a flow all the way out through the tail, it rides silky smooth out on the face and tight in the pocket. A med/low rail to bite into the water but not too low, it’s very forgiving. Bottom contour is a shallow single concave right through the board, enough for speed but shallow enough to keep flow in all conditions. Having the continuous outline into a neat round tail it’s a pleasure to ride.’

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