Chilli Pretty Sweet Review


What the Chilli website says about the Pretty Sweet:

‘Pretty short and pretty sweet. This board is designed to make you get out of the car, throw your boardshorts on and go surf when everyone else is headed home to read the paper.

Its aggressive bottom contours ‘vee bottom into a spiraling vee out between the back fins’ allow you to get up and planing on the waves surface in small sub-par surf conditions. The outline is squashed down so it is wide and has a lot of surface area for paddle power. The rocker is… flat, but has a little kick in the nose area to dig you out of the shore break if it pops up on you.

This board is an easy going, fun surfboard to ride when the conditions are not great. Ideal for beginners coming off a soft board, intermediate surfers that want to surf when the waves are poor and advanced surfers that want to zoom along tiny waves and not have to resort to a longboard.’

Image Source: Chilli Surfboards

Image Source: REAL Watersports

25 - 48 LVolume
0 - 2 ftIdeal Wave Height

What people are saying about it:

“The Pretty Sweet from Chilli Surfboards is your ultimate summertime groveler. This board has low entry rocker, a wide nose and generous amounts of volume throughout. The Pretty Sweet will catch waves with ease and turn quickly with vee from the middle of the board throughout the tail. Small waves will now look Pretty Sweet! Get your grovel on!” – Rider Shack

“The Chilli Pretty Sweet, is as Chilli said, pretty short & pretty sweet. This board is going to have you surfing when everyone else is at home or down at the pub instead.

This board has a lot of surface area, as the outline is squashed making it wide, so you can catch basically anything on it. A flat rocker but with a little kick in the nose for those sucky little shoreys.

The Pretty Sweet is easy to surf & a heap of fun when the conditions are not, flat sections are a breeze & minimal swell is all Pretty Sweet with this one. See what we did there ?” – Trade Wind Surf

“Pretty Sweet – offers a ton of volume in a small package which makes it surf like a skateboard” – user chilli_surfboards_usa on Instagram

Size Chart:

Here’s a video of the Chilli Pretty Sweet:

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And here are pictures we found on Instagram:

Ever surfed a Chilli Pretty Sweet? How fast did it go?

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