Chilli Odyssey EPS Review

What the Chilli Surfboards site says about the Odyssey EPS:

‘The Odyssey has a little of what you want, speed and versatility, with a little of what you need, volume. Considering today’s boards are getting shorter and wider, we have combined, The Don and the Step Down, giving you the perfect mixture. The width and entry of the nose rocker creates easy paddle power, increasing wave count. The single to double concave combined with the wide round tail gives you stability and the speed you need allowing for a smooth, fluid ride. Take a trip down memory lane, back to your youth…’


Image Source: Chilli Surfboards

Image Source: Chilli Surfboards

What people are saying about it:

“This is a very good board for trips.” – Ken Choi on Facebook

“All round performance surfing in 2-6ft waves the Chilli Odyssey offers natural speed with volume in the right places. The Odyssey is fast and responsive with its pulled in round tail, perfect as an everyday surfer. If you’re a one board surfer looking for a performance focused shortboard the Odyssey shouldn’t be overlooked.” – Boardcave

“I bought a 6’10 Chilli Odyssey EPS from you a few weeks ago. Just wanted to let you know it shreds! Love it.” – user Sam on

“Great shape. Reminds me of the boards I grew up on. Lightweight epoxy. Great for a bit of extra paddle power and strength.” – user Shan on

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