Chemistry Roboto Review

What the Chemistry Surfboards site says about the Roboto:

‘The Roboto is the ultimate mushy, small wave board. It has a deep double barrel concave running off the tail. This generates lots of speed and drive despite a lack of wave power. Also contributing to its ability to gain speed is that the midpoint is further back which straightens the outline through the tail. We took the speed and glide of a retro fish and made it more high performance and maneuverable. It is equipped with a wide deep swallow tail and a thruster fin set-up.’

Image Source: Chemistry Surfboards

Image Source: Chemistry Surfboards

Image Source: Chemistry Surfboards

What people are saying about it:

“Love that board!!” – user drew_edson on instagram

“reminds me a lot of a spyder/calvani? model from 10+ years ago (that a lot of people liked)” – user sofradis on Surfermag forum

“The Roboto is that perfect small wave groveller. Based of a traditional fish template, this boards mid point has been pulled back a touch, and the double concave plus the swallow tail make this board pick up speed and drive even when the wave lack the power. All the traditional elements of a retro fish with way more performance.” – Boardcave

“Interesting…” – user LoganV on Surfermag forum

Size Chart:

Here’s a video we found of the Chemistry Roboto:

A video posted by Naim Abreu (@djnaimabreu) on

Here are Instagram pictures we found:




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