Chemistry Boombastik Review

What the Chemistry Surfboards site says about the Boombastik:
‘Jason Bennett and Cheyne Magnusson worked very closely to develop this small wave, high performance board. It has been a staple in our line since 2008 and continues to be one of our best sellers. The Boombastik’s claim to fame is its ability to create its own speed and maneuver well in the pocket without losing control or sliding out. This model has a wider nose, flatter entry rocker, and boxy rails. “It’s super responsive, easy to control, and feels like an extension of your feet,” says Jason. It is equipped with a five fin set-up so it can be ridden as a quad or a thruster. When ordering the Boombastik you can stay relatively close to your standard shortboard dimensions, 1″ -2″ shorter and 1/2″ -3/4″ wider. Equally loved as a quad or thruster and utilized as an everyday board worldwide.’

Image Source: Chemistry Surfboards

Image Source: Chemistry Surfboards

Image Source: Chemistry Surfboards

What people are saying about the Boombastik:

“One of my all time favorite boards!” – user geekaas on Instagram

“I think I ordered my first boombastik in like 07′? Best board ever.” – user c_ries on Instagram

“I tried one a few years back, board was epic!” – user nocom3rdip on Instagram

“I’ve had 3 boards shaped by them and they have been great. They have been just durable as my Lost boards. The Flashpoint has been my favorite shape. I’ve had a Beaker and Boombastik and they also worked well.” – user sdhobbs on Surfer forum

Size Chart:

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