Chemistry Alchemist Review

What the Chemistry Surfboards site says about the Alchemist:

‘The Alchemist has been a top selling small wave board since its addition to the product line. This performance fish is ridden 2″-3″ shorter and 3/4″-1″ wider than your conventional shortboard. There is extra area in the nose to help you paddle in the smaller stuff as well as get you through those mushy sections. Available in either a single or double wing swallow, which decreases the width in the tail, and provides a pivot point for top to bottom surfing. The Alchemist is the perfect balance between a small wave fish and a high performance shortboard.’

Image Source: Chemistry Surfboards

Image Source: Chemistry Surfboards

Image Source: Chemistry Surfboards

What people are saying about it:

“Good maneuverability but lacks paddle.” – user jack daniels on

“I’ve always wanted to try an alchemist.” – user mikeg711 on SURFER forum

“I had a 6’8″ alchemist, great for any type of wave, small/big. It was really fast and rode/turned real nice.” – user Jersey_lifer on SwellInfo forum

“My first custom was an Alchemist…these boards rip! Props to the Chemist who dreamed up this beauty!” – chrislopes82 on Instagram

Size chart:

Here is a video we found of the Chemistry Alchemist:

Here are Instagram pictures we found:





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