Chemistry Summer Time Review


What the Chemistry Surfboards website says about the Summer Time:

‘Our Summer Time model was built exactly what the name suggests, for summer.

This model has a perfect blend of low entry rocker, and a wider overall outline to get you into waves that lack the juice wintertime swells have. The bottom contour of the Summer Time model has a single concave to center hull channel out the back of the tail. This provides an incredible amount of drive when the waves tend to be on the slow and gutless side. The wider tail lends to a straighter outline giving this board a lot of down the line speed. Adding a 5 fin set up, the Summer Time can be ridden as either a quad or thruster depending on the user’s preference and the conditions it is ridden in.’

Image Source: Chemistry Surfboards

23.1 - 43 LVolume
1 - 5ftIdeal Wave Height

What people are saying about it:

“For real. That one is so clean” – user nc_lamination on Instagram

“Kandinsky style, sick board” – user gabriel_nicoloso on Instagram

Size Chart:

No video found for this model
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