Channel Islands Weirdo Ripper Review


What the Channel Islands site says about the Weirdo Ripper:

‘For that small to medium all-around board in your quiver is the Yadin Nicol-created “Weirdo Ripper.” The Weirdo Ripper spent over a year behind the scenes in development with Kelly, Dane, Nathaniel and Yadin until ultimately being unveiled at the 2012 US Open by Dane Reynolds, who displayed the board’s advantages in the tricky Huntington conditions.

Despite the aggressive tail rocker, the Weirdo Ripper is a user friendly design, full volume for easy paddling, wide point forward, V bottom, square-winged swallow that works well as a thruster or quad.’

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What people are saying about it:

“This is a really fun small to medium wave size board. I bought my Weirdo Ripper on a trip to California last year and I surfed it in Santa Cruz at Pleasure Point. It was shoulder high to a little bit overhead and I felt the Weirdo Ripper was really, really, fun and fast. Later, I went to the Maldives and that was when I fell in love with this outline. I was surfing this wave called Love Charms, in the southern atolls of the Maldives, and it was a couple feet overhead and not too critical of a wave. It wasn’t very hollow but had big, fun, fast walls and I reckon I was doing the best turns I’ve ever done on a surfboard with the Weirdo Ripper. I find this board really great in those types of conditions.” – Ben from

“Took it on a trip to the Central Attolls in the Maldives this year with a 6’8 JS Forget Me Not Pin tail as a step up. Ended up riding the WR the whole time, even in 4-5 foot barreling waves at Machines… Excellent paddle in but only started to feel the drag from the V when conditions got too fast for the little board, but excellent all rounder, felt solid in good waves. Only felt it want to skip in solid surf, otherwise a fun skatey feeling board. Has me reaching for the step up board less than I used to!” – Nigel on

“I’ve been riding the Channel Islands Weirdo Ripper for about 6 months now and it has definitely become my go to board for all small to medium sized surf. I love the fact that it can handle sloppy summer conditions yet excels in medium head-high to over-head surf that’s hollow and packs a punch.

I prefer to ride the Weirdo Ripper as a thruster when it’s under 3ft and above that as a quad. As as thruster it’s got a nice loose feeling but still plenty of drive. As a quad it allows for steeper takeoffs and holding the rail in bigger, more powerful and suckier surf.” –

“We definitely recommend this board for any intermediate-advanced surfer that is looking for a fun small wave board that will also perform on the rare bigger days.” –

“If you’ve seen Jordy Smith surf the Weirdo Ripper at trestles recently you can tell that it’s good for carving and generating speed on good waves that aren’t quite barreling or juicy. If you watch it surfed by Yadin Nicol at a good beach break, you can see that it’s also versatile enough for a mean air game above the lip.” –

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