Channel Islands Waterhog X INT Review


What the Channel Islands site says about the Waterhog X INT:

‘The Channel Islands X INT Shaper’s Series surfboards represent the latest evolution in hybrid soft board design and construction. We began with a complete rethinking of the fabrication of these boards, from the blank up. The core is 100% recyclable, American-made Marko foam; specifically designed for optimum strength and performance in a soft board application. We opted for sustainable bamboo stringers for their favorable strength to weight characteristics, allowing for a solid board feel on a soft deck. The epoxy resin used on the board bottom is formulated for maximum strength, responsiveness, and durability. While the board outlines and rockers are precision-cut on CNC machines, the rail foil and final concave are hand-shaped on each and every board. By combining proven Channel Islands designs and unparalleled INT soft board construction technology, these boards will redefine what a soft board is and what they can do.’

What people are saying about it:

“The Waterhog from Channel Islands is the ultimate mid length that will paddle exceptionally well and catch waves with ease. This board has subtle entry rocker to a flat mid for cruising and speed but with aggressive tail rocker for cranking hard turns. Bottom goes from flat entry with concave, to vee out the tail. If you want to Hog the lineup and get an abundance of waves, the Waterhog is the board for you! in INT soft top construction, this board has an epoxy center but with a soft laminate over the top giving you rugged durability without sacrificing performance.” – Rider Shack

“INT was kind enough to allow us to test out their CI Mini and CI Waterhog models, which were an absolute blast. Like David said, they’re about 80 percent what you’d expect out of a normal board – the best maneuverability I’ve ever gotten out of a foamie, and speed and flex felt comparable to a standard board. What’s more, when the CI Mini we tried (which didn’t have a leash plug, though all production boards do come with one) went hurtling toward a group of tourists after I dug my rail, I found myself less concerned than normal. Nobody was harmed in the research for this gear review. Bottom line, as a summer board these things seem to make perfect sense.” – Dylan Heyden on The Inertia

“Super fun board for summer time, catches waves like nothing, from knee high to head. Flat concave that makes the board fly effortlessly , though still turns with ease.” – user at JLA Forums

“Gotta get one of those!!!” – user a_gray on Instagram

“Yewwww that is awesome guys.” – user avischka on Instagram

Size chart:

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Here are Instagram pictures we found of the Channel Islands Waterhog X INT:

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