Channel Islands Sampler Review


What the Channel Islands site says about the Sampler:

‘Take your good wave game to conditions that are not. The Sampler was developed with Dane Reynolds to be that step-down board you ride a little shorter and wider in smaller or weaker surf while not sacrificing performance. It fits in your quiver between something fishy like a High 5 or Pod Mod and your normal shortboard.

Loosely based off the Dumpster Diver,it has flat, racy entry and center rocker,with ample curve out the tail for tight transitions and airs. A generous single concave runs the whole length of the board, with a slight double within the single between the fins, and just a little vee to provide kick off the tail. The outline is full but sleek in the front half, with an exaggerated and slightly forward of normal Merrick hip, and a wide old-school squash tail.

The Sampler is suitable for every level of surfer and should be ordered 2-4 inches shorter, 1/4 to 3/4 inches wider, and the same or slightly thicker than your normal shortboard.’

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What people are saying about it:

“The Sampler is relatively flat in the rocker and has a very aggressive single concave running through the entire board with a slight double concave between the fins to loosen it up. There is also a slight V in the tail to transition from rail to rail…This board is very fast and responsive and is recommended for all skill levels. The Channel Islands website recommends this board for waves from waste high to a foot overhead.” – Surf n Show Reviews on YouTube

“At first glance this Sampler surfboard may look like a stubby little Dumpster Diver small wave surfboards but…the Channel Islands Sampler is a blazing fast little pocket rocket that loves a steeper face.

A little more accessible versus Channel Islands Surfboards last Dane Reynolds signature model release, the Channel Islands Peregrine, this Sampler is still best suited for surfers with some experience.

The signature Al Merrick hip squash tail allows you to surf loose and fast and provides break points for deep, carving turns off the top.” – Benny ( on YouTube

“I’ve surfed it in a variety of conditions and it’s held it’s own in everything. It’s a really fast board and when you get used to this different quite wide and tucked in outline and this very flat rocker, it’s a really fun board to ride.

It actually shoots down the line with a lot of speed and it’s fun to ride in and out of turns, especially coming off of that signature Al Merrick hip tail where you have that transition point through your turns.” – Craig on

“The sampler gives you the opportunity to keep all the performance of your favorite shortboard while riding in your less-than-favorite conditions. When the surf is smaller and choppier than ideal, The Sampler’s design kicks in and creates space in pockets that would otherwise be out of reach. The board is meant to be a step down from your usual shortboard, and the way the bottom is shaped from tip to tip provides the same functionality as a regular shortboard, but with the added push to get through mushy sections and back into warp speed.

With less rocker, The Sampler gets up to speed quickly, and rebounds out of turns without losing momentum. What sets this board apart from other boards is the fact that it feels just like your other boards. The transition time needed to get used to The Sampler is minimal because you can pretty much surf it in the exact same way as your normal shortboard. Like I said before with the Lost Puddle Jumper, the ability to ride only one board is a big plus for me, and what this board allows is to have two different boards for very different conditions that perform exactly the same.” –

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