Channel Islands Neck Beard Review

What the Channel Islands website says about the Neck Beard:

“After tinkering with different concepts for most of 2010, Dane Reynolds launched the Neck Beard in early 2011, that became his favorite free-surf board. No longer working to hide volume from the judges like with the Dumpster Diver, Dane let it all hang out with a wider nose and chop tail. With light single concave and vee out the back, this board is faster down the line, has increased rail-to-rail transition, and is more stable when landing airs. Super user-friendly, this is the board Dane grabs when its 1-foot to head-high.

The 2012 Neckbeard tail was taken directly from Dane’s hand-drawn template. Dane kept the overall generous plan-shape to provide a skatey feel but the tail refinement allows for slightly more back foot sensitivity. Light single concave and vee out the back, increased rail-to-rail transition and wider through the nose and tail.

Dane rides the Neck Beard as a tri-fin and as a quad for speed. Comes with a five fin setup to get the best of both worlds. If you are a fan of the Dumpster Diver, then definitely grow out your Neck Beard.”






What people are saying about it:

“After my first wave, buyer’s remorse subsided. The Neck Beard took a steep drop despite the wider nose and catapulted me down the line. I found the board fast, responsive and, importantly, lots of fun to surf in average conditions.

Later, I took the NeckBeard out in slightly larger waves at more lined up beach break and it still performed well although I felt myself longing for something slightly less skatey and with a bit more rocker for better waves.

Overall, the Channel Islands NeckBeard is a fantastic, fun board that will get a lot of play if you live in a place where quality waves are the exception, not the rule.” – Benny,

“Rode the square tail and felt the same. Super Skatey and super fast! Definitely would be a handful when the swell gets too punchy (>4ft). Mate ended up getting the rounded squash version and that was a lot easier to handle while maintaining it’s grovelling abilities. He reckon’s its the best groveller he’s had!” – User Yiming on

“The next session the waves were really fun, especially for that board. It was waist to chest high and fun little peaks. One thing I liked about this board was that it paddled really good for it’s height. That is always a plus for me, a board that’s weird to paddle is doomed from the get go. It was fast and a bit loose off the tail for sure. The board felt like it would be amazing if I was regular foot and got to surf C-street front side.” – Tim Curran

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