Channel Islands Jordy Smith Signature Bag Review

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What Channel Islands says about the Jordy Smith Signature Bag:

‘Jordy Smith’s signature boardbag from CI.

Full outline day bag the bag will fit most boards in the CI line. Heavy-duty 600D outer with 5mm padding all around. This is as tough as a day as you will find, for the very bold and daring it just might survive a plane ride.’

Features include:

  • Waterproof shell
  • Reinforced nose protection
  • CI leash string pull tabs
  • Nylon shoulder strap
  • Built-in hanger hook
  • Padding 5MM

Image Source: Channel Islands

What people are saying about it:

“Really pleased with the product! Shipping was fast and communication with the company was easy. I ordered the 6’8 bag which was almost too small for my 6’8 board but I can wiggle it around to make it fit. I am always skeptical about ordering online but this was a good product and company!” – Cara on Cleanline Surf

“I’m very happy with this bag, and was surprised to find that I could fit my board with the fins attached into the bag and close it. This makes it easier for day-trips. I can highly recommend this bag.” – Kass on Cleanline Surf

“There are cheaper bags but this one rules because of it’s thicker 5mm padding. It’s reinforced especially in the nose and has a really comfortable strap for longer hikes in.” – Stefan on Cleanline Surf

Size Chart:

Wide point: 27″

Approximate Weights:
5’8 (4.2 lbs)
6’0 (4.2 lbs)
6’4 (4.2 lbs)
6’8 (4.5 lbs)
7’0 (4.5 lbs)
7’6 (4.6 lbs)

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