Channel Islands Fred Stubble Review


What the Channel Islands site has to say about the Fred Stubble:

‘When Conner Coffin asked for all the characteristics of the award-winning Fred Rubble to be condensed in a shorter, wider package specifically for contests in small surf; the Fred Stubble was born. Geared towards contest surfing in sub-chest high conditions, the Stubble boasts a wider nose and tail, reduced nose and tail rocker, single entry concave with magnified double barrel concave through the fins and vee upon exit. The rails are also thinner than a Fred Rubble at the same center thickness. The design change produced a board that stays on rail even in flat spots, glides over reo sections, draws tight arcs in the smallest pockets, and paddles like a board 3” longer. Conner rode a Stubble to a victory in the 2013 US Open Juniors. Ride this board your same height to a couple inches shorter. 5’8″ x 18 7/8 x 2 5/16″’

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What people are saying about it:

“The board needs to be pushed hard and AM 2’s sorted my Stubble out immediately, Dumpster or Neck beard goes better in fatter conditions but when presented with a pocket the stubble is fun and fast and looking forward to getting away in some head high reefs soon.” – James on

“I surf the FS on the Gold Coast & North NSW beach breaks when it’s 2-3+ foot. I ride the round tail model with Christenson 2-Tone Quad fins or Christenson/ Jordy thrusters – depending on wave type. This is one of my favourite small wave boards! A few of my mates have tried my FS & love riding this board too. Maybe it’s the different tail type/ fin set-up??? because this review is so different to my experience. This board shreds!” – Daniel on

“It’s one of those boards that works in the smallest of waves but is fun up to head high. It’s the board that keeps me in the water every day at home, even when it’s near flat. Super fast, super skatie, yet still carvey.” – Conner Coffin on

“Inspired by its cousin (the Fred Rubble), the Channel Islands Fred Stubble is equally – maybe even MORE – competent in small waves. It features a wide profile, minimal rocker design with a double concave built specifically for speed and maneuverability under less than ideal conditions. It transitions beautifully in marginal waves, floating and propelling through crumbly, gutless sections. When the opportunity does arise to pull out your best tricks, carves and turns, the Fred Stubble works great and allows for almost limitless possibilities. Unlike most typical shortboards, the Fred Stubble’s flat plan and width really make small wave surfing a joy and you might even find yourself frothing over waves that you might not have even bothered paddling out for in the past.” – Shop.Surf

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