Channel Islands Fort Knox Review

What the Channel Islands site says about the Fort Knox:

‘The Fort Knox is the board Taylor rode during 2009 and 2010. Taylor describes this board as “the fastest board I have ever ridden”. The Fort Knox allows the surfer to hold a rail for a long time and do long arcing turns. This board is flat under your front foot, has straighter rocker out the back, and set within the vee are dual concaves. This keeps the water pressed between the fins, giving it an enormous amount of thrust out of turns. Think Taylor, think Fort Knox. The Round Pin version is often used as a step-up for good waves.

Ride this board 1″ to 3″ longer than you are tall. As of 2011 this model is CUSTOM ONLY’

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What people are saying about it:

“Best Board for Good wave that I’ve ever owned” – PhiloSurfer on

“An incredibly fast and drivey all around shortboard” –

“If you want to maintain the same speed and maneuverability you have on your shortboard in good waves, but in small surf. This board can be ridden by all styles of surfer.”

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