Channel Islands Bonzer 3D Review

What the Channel Islands Surfboards site says about the Bonzer 3D:

‘Channel Islands is proud to offer an original Bonzer collaboration with Malcom Campbell, Britt Merrick, and Dane Reynolds. The three recently got in the shaping room with a raw blank to design and hand shape a board for Dane with blended elements from the 70’s and current period. The result is a step-down that is fun, quick, and spicy in average surf. The modern hybrid outline, low rocker and wide arc tail create lift while the long base of the Bonzer 3 side fin provide timeless speed and projection. Comes standard with the Bonzer bottom contours airbrushed, and all necessary fins. Designed to be ridden your same height or shorter.’

Image Source: CI Surfboards

What people are saying about it:

“The 3D Bonzer is a fun to ride step-down surfboard designed for when the waves are pretty average and in the 1-4 foot range. I found the 3D Bonzer lots of fun to ride, and having never ridden a Bonzer design before, it was fun to work out how to get the most out of the design and the benefits of the 3D Bonzer. Putting the 3D Bonzer on rail felt really nice and the board seemed to like to carve, especially when at pace and the wave or section had a little more push. Initially I found surfing vertically with the board challenging, but once I was able to work out the sensitivities of the 3D Bonzer, the board was able to be surfed more vertically and aggressively, but would sometimes needed to be nursed through more vertical and more aggressive surfing, but I think the more and more time riding the board would overcome this. At first glance the outline of the 3D Bonzer seemed very similar to another older model of Dane Reynolds, the Dumpster Diver, one of my all time favorite surfboards, which is also designed for smaller average conditions. The lift created from the Campbell Brothers Bonzer design is amazing to ride, and so unique, something that I think all established surfers should check out if you haven’t before. A very unique board and design, which would have a place in almost every quiver. Hopefully you get a chance to check one out.” – The Surfboard Guide on YouTube

“I thoroughly test this small wave board in perfect 2-4′ surf. This Bonzer 3D is very fast and draws very unique lines. After I go through the attributes of this board I begin comparing the lines it draws compared to the Bonzer 5 Shelter and a regular Thruster. Each board draws different lines and you can see that as I break it down while you watch them on very similar waves and maneuvers. The Bonzer 3D is very fun and I recommend it for intermediate to advanced surfers.” – Noel Salas on YouTube

“I think that CI Bonzer 3D is not my way to go on my next surfboard because it just doesn´t add any value above the more traditional shapes i´m used to, i still am very fascinated with my CI Peregrine 4 channels.” – Nuno Cunha on YouTube

“So stoked to see Dane shredding on his Bonzer 3D. I just got mine and I am frothing to ride it.” – Surf n Show Reviews on YouTube

“It keeps a ton of speed, turns on a dime and keeping it a little shorter than what I usually ride makes it realllly reaaallly fun.” – user connercoffin on Instagram

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