Campbell Brothers Russ Short Review


What the Campbell Brothers site says about the Russ Short:

‘This was our most popular Bonzer shape during the mid to late 70’s. Russ Short, Duncan, Cliff Collinge and I all rode slight variations of this template during the time. This model was pushed to the limit in all types of waves and proved to be a very versatile high performance surfboard. The Russ Short model is used mostly with the 3 fin set up, but can incorporate the 5 fin system as well. The Russ Short model works well as a diamond, round or swallow tail.’

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Image source:

What people are saying about it:

“A favorite of citizens of the Surfy’verse.” – SurfySurfy

“The “Russ Short” has volume and a full foil. Why wouldn’t it work well in mushy surf?” – pointdog on

“…for me, the russ short would not be on the small mushy weak list…but thats just me.” – lankameese on

“After riding my Russ Short way too rarely, I cleaned off the old way yesterday, gave it a good look over, and found not a single ding or dent. After three years and probably 50 surfs it looks brand new. Well done Rhino laminating in Sydney.

Anyhoo, after a fresh wax job I took it out in waist to chest high onshore rights. Got in so easily, made sections, made me surf cleanly. I didn’t grow up surfing single fins, and only started age 21, so I definitely need something to keep my style in check at times. I had a hoot.

Today my local reef/point turned on, with powerful and solid OH rights. I found the sweet spot and did some of the hardest carves I’ve ever done. Holy fuq! Managed to put all my weight and power into it, and the board just held and projected.

I’ve previously had some issues getting used to the wide, thick nose/narrow skinny tail, but today it just clicked. Surfed 7 hours and am absolutely stuffed, but still buzzing. – Maz on

“wished i’d never sold mine.” – Bman76 on on

Recommended size:

6’2″ x 14 1/2″ x 19 3/4″ 14″ to 7’2″ x 21 1/2″
Thickness is determined by weight of the rider.

Here are videos we found of the Campbell Brothers Russ Short:

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Ever rode the Campbell Bothers’ Russ Short? How does it go?

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