Campbell Brothers Mini Bonzer 5 Review


What the manufacturer’s site says about the Mini Bonzer 5:

‘The Mini B5 has the same template and rocker as the MBLV, but uses the B5 fin setup and the standard Bonzer 5 bottom design. The differences between the Mini B5 and the MBLV are small. The MBLV is a little more smooth and drivey, and the Mini B5 a tad quicker off the top, with a bit more pivot. Both boards are equally fast.’

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What people are saying about it:

“Dear god that IS mini…and man what ta slob job!!! Awesome looking.” – User 20W-50 and blood on Surfer Forum

“Always thought it was designed for smaller, junky waves but can handle a little bit of juice…not Indo or anything, but you know. Haha!” – User FresnoRipper on Surfer Forum

“Seductive. Can’t stop staring at her bottom.” – User darrachbourke on Instagram

Recommended Size:

5’4” 20.5” x 2.5” to 6’2” 21.5” x 3”

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See how other Campbell Brothers Surfboards’ models perform in the water HERE.

And here are Instagram pictures of the Campbell Brothers Mini Bonzer 5:


Have you tried the Campbell Brothers Mini Bonzer 5? How well does it ride? Leave a comment below.

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